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Call for Open Forum Post Volunteers

Hi, this is your local moderator speaking. In the past we've had a number of kind-hearted souls create open forum posts for people to vent, go off-topic, and post cupcake recipes. As people came and went the open forums tapered off, and I think that's a shame. As I'm personally sort of busy with work and 99% likely to be drunk at night, while Ruthless is doing *redacted* and Eridani is *redacted*, I'm asking for a few volunteers to help revive this thing, in an slightly more enhanced version.

We do want to talk about non sci-fi related things, after all (garbage fake BDSM, for example), but perhaps it would be best if we kept them more neatly organized in the miscellanea posts. With no small number of regulars coming from different parts of the world, I think it would be best if we had several open forum posts a day: morning, afternoon, and nightowl shifts. Each volunteer would be in charge of just one shift, and the posts don't have to be anything fancy.


Edit: Holy shitsnacks, that got a lot of volunteers fast. Ok, in the interest of fairness I'm going to just say, if you want to create an open forum post for the morning/afternoon shifts, go ahead AS LONG AS THERE ISN'T ONE ALREADY. For the night shift I'll wait for our Euro members to chime in and we can do the same with that.

This is what I get for being bored on a Friday afternoon and trying to start something. I CAN'T CONTROL IT. VOLUNTEERS EVERYWHERE HELP ME

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