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Hey all. It's been only a month since our last call to audition but eh, why not. Request and link to some of the stuff you've written in the past and we'll look over/add you as an author on the ODeck if you want.

We went to Cabo San Lucas last weekend, and aside from the low 90F weather, it was great. Post-Hurricane Odile, the number of tourists in the area dropped significantly, and everywhere you look there's construction/rebuilding, but for a place that was devastated only four weeks ago, Cabo came back incredibly quickly.


Pictured above is a comic book themed restaurant at the Puerto Paraiso Mall next to the main marina. There were life-sized statues of pretty much every DC/Marvel character everywhere, though I'm not sure if I'd want to eat my fish tacos while Superman's spandex crotch was at eye level.

We also managed to catch a 105" marlin, which was nice and incredibly tiring. Four hours at sea, two of those constantly reeling and pulling, but the payoff was awesome. Also the views from the boats are amazing:

So how was your weekend?

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