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It's been... ok, wow, like five months since the last formal call to post, so it's about time we did another one, albeit in a different incarnation. Yes, we are changing things up a little bit. Well, we have changed things up a bit, but due to Real World(r) things we haven't been maintaining upkeep as much as we should.

After nuKinja came online last year we authorized a fairly large number of commenters with fairly minimal requirements to meet. As we have quite a large number of authors already (a rough estimate puts it at ~500 people), for future authorizations we're going to implement an auditioning system. *takes out hat and cane* I hope you folks are familiar with two step ragtime music.


No, on second thought, we'll do this instead. If you would like to become an author on the ODeck, make a personal Kinja post and tag it with observationdeck or odeck. We have several wonderful community members constantly monitoring these tags and they will share appropriate posts.

ETA: And after a few (number is not quantified because it's subjective) shared posts we will authorize you if the posts are ok.

For an idea on what "appropriate" is, I highly recommend this post (written by some insane person)


And also this post (written by an even more unhinged person)


We've had multiple instances in the past where people Don't Play Nice. We are generally a very accepting bunch of people here, with a wide variety of opinions. Opinions are great! Thinking that your opinions = fact is not so great!

Don't be an asshole. Getting a rise out of other commenters with trollish behavior may feel great for a brief moment, but don't think we don't notice.


And just a brief reminder to all current authors, civility trumps seniority. Regardless of how long we've been here, we should treat others with respect and not suspicion and/or derision. Being a member of the "old guard" means you really should know better.

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