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It’s that time of the time period again, where we actually remember to post a call to audition to post because it’s been like, fifty years since the last one. If you want posting privs, reply with a few links to what you’ve written and we’ll consider. Recommendations by regulars and mindflayers are a huge plus. As always, please read our Elements of Style and various PSAs to get an idea of what we’re looking for (booze. Just, like, so much booze on my doorstep).


The mainpaging post isn’t as relevant these days since we’re not officially in the io9 domain anymore (meaning anything that the io9 editors decide to mainpage is solely due to content, not pageviews), but I really just wanted an excuse to link to more shitty art.

Couldn’t really think of a theme for this one, so I just went with the newest addition to my music library, Cold Inferno by Italy’s Disarmonia Mundi. I’ve always loved their albums covers and this one is no exception. I could have went with something else, like “Drunk Kevin Spacey” edition but that one might have been too esoteric.

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