Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Hi folks. This is your local friendly moderatowner speaking. This is a call to audition to post, so, as usual, reply with some topical samples of what you’ have written and we’ll consider you for authorization. Also, if we (ok, mostly I) have deauthorized you in the past, by all means, respond with some stuff you’ve written since then and we’ll see.

We’ve noticed that there have been a lot of listicles being posted on the ODeck recently, and they’re generally of good enough quality to be mainpaged daily. This is great! Mostly. I’m a little concerned that people are starting to treat the ODeck as a portfolio builder instead of the community that it is, and that there’s this drive to post as much content as possible with the intent to get onto the MP. The ODeck is a gathering (mindmelding? gaggle? clutch?) of the people, for the people, etc etc *eagles soaring*, and I really don’t want the focus to shift towards writing content for the sake of pageviews.


So in light of this, we’ve worked with the io9 editors and agreed that top tens and best ofs posts will be getting mainpaged less frequently. Please remember that io9 proper already does top ten lists quite often.

Top tens will be mainpaged during the weekends. Best/worst ofs will be mainpaged in the evenings, and not every day, subject to editor discretion.

To clarify: you can post articles whenever you want. But they won’t be mainpaged except during the above times.

I know, some of you balk at these new guidelines. I understand. But we’ve fielded a lot of complaints recently about how the ODeck is trending towards pageviews and clicks, which is most definitely not what it’s meant for. At all.


If you’re writing content for the sake of getting MP’d, then please follow the above timetable. And also please remember that the usual rules of consolidation still apply.

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