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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Call to Post, Chocolate Coated Kitchens Edition

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Yeah I really should do these more often again. It's been yet another two months since the last call to post, so, if you want authorship on the ODeck, comment below with a few links to what you've written and if the dominoes fall right, and the stars align properly, and the monkey hits the correct numbers on the dartboard, we'll add you to the ODeck as an author.


So I realized that one particular symptom of breaking up is buying a metric fuckton of kitchen appliances and/or gadgets. So far I've bought, let's see, a food processor, a waffle maker, a standing desk, a PS4 over the holidays, and a new car. Huh.

Anyway, as I love to experiment with cooking, I thought I'd give my new food processor a whirl (HAHA!) and make truffles out of Mint Oreo Cookies. Apparently chocolate is the worst thing ever to work with. Now, I love reading about food science, but obviously reading doesn't equate to real world experience. Having to throw out three batches of seized chocolate because the moisture percentage/temperature was out of whack is very humbling. Next time I'll have to deploy the double boiler, and probably buy a candy or laser thermometer. Nothing makes a kitchen look like a post-apocalyptic hellscape more than chocolate in every goddamn nook and cranny.

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