Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

It must be Friday if I'm doing another call to post so soon after the last one. This time, though, I'm reiterating some of the rules that we have here. Like, there aren't many. And most of you have been around long enough to know them by now.

But first, the usual. If you want authorship, reply with some samples of topical posts that you've done in the past. You'll have a better chance of being seen pre-authorship if you tag your posts with Observationdeck as we have several very diligent members (hi, dented!) that constantly monitor the tag for good content. Just remember that authorship isn't guaranteed immediately. You might need to try again, especially since I have the memory of a goldfish.


And now the housekeeping part. We've done a number of Tight Ship posts in the past that I believe covers most of the questions regarding content and conduct on the ODeck, as linked below:

The second one is a bit more testy than the first one.


Because it seems like some people believe rules don't apply to them. That's not cool.


"But crashed! Sometimes people break the rules! And you don't do anything about that!"

Yes, this is definitely true. We are only three mods, and we all have day jobs and night drinks. Sometimes we're just too busy/buzzed to check-in in a timely manner, and other times we are honestly a little burned out. But no worries! We've got a sort of solution!


If you see any rule-breaking going on that hasn't been slapped down yet, send an email to:

odeckmod (at) gmail

This is the best way to reach us, as we check it more often. Well, more often NOW, now we finally reset the password. Haha!


If you've been deauthorized and you don't know why, well, most likely you haven't been paying attention. But, you can always email us and ask for more details. We promise that we will at the very least go over your situation as a group.

Lastly, I'd like to apologize for being extremely grumpy and acerbic on Wednesday. It's been a very stressful two months (work wise only, at least), and I've been snappish on certain topics lately. I could have been more diplomatic, and for that I'm sorry.

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