Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Hi ODeck regulars and visitors! This is a slightly different Call to Post than what we usually do, because it's about that time of the year that We Clean House. First, as usual, if you want posting privileges, reply to this post! But this time I think we need to clarify a few things.

Recently we (not the royal We, as much as We love using it) have noticed that there are a LOT of stub posts, off-topic personal posts, and somewhat poorly edited articles. Now, I'm not in the business of telling anyone what they should think, mainly because I can barely string a coherent thought together half the time. But, we honestly need to have a little more editorial discretion when it comes to posting.


Stub posts are posts that simply a headline + URL/one sentence with no click-through content. These really, really clutter the ODeck and most of the time really don't say much at all. If you want to post an awesome link, shit, go ahead. I'm not stopping you. But please, please at least write up an executive summary on what it is, or why you think it's awesome. More people will be inclined to check out your link if they at least have an idea of what it goes to.

Here's the more touchy one. Personal posts. I've said in the past that we're a fairly open group here on the ODeck, and that still holds. However, if you're going to be posting a LOT of fairly personal stuff, I would strongly suggest that you do it on your own Kinja blog. Armchair psychology is not the focus of the ODeck, and while we enjoy each other's company, we also should keep posts mostly on-topic here. A post shouldn't just say, oh btw there's a Firefly reference, therefore it's relevant. Most of us here have been very good about staying in the vicinity of on-topic. Some.... not so much.

The last one is mostly a housekeeping issue. I know Kinja is... "special", and that writing posts on it isn't always easy. Hell, while writing this post my cursor decided to randomly jump to another paragraph. I also know not everyone's first language is English. But at the very least, posts should be written such that they're easy on the eyes. I've seen some posts where they're more streams of consciousness than a coherent post, and some with fairly egregious spelling errors. We all have spell check in our browsers. We should listen to it.

Now, here comes the nasty, brutish part. We're actually going to enforce these standards from now on. The first, eh, couple times, we'll say, hey, your post might need to be cleaned up a bit. Probably link back to this post as well. Afterwards if you're still not gonna listen, then we're going to deauthorize you. I know, no one wants that. But we gotta have SOME editorial standards. Everyone starts with a clean slate.


We welcome feedback, of course. We're not pulling something like out of The Raid where we storm everyone's apartment and beat them with sticks. But it's about time we straightened our ties a bit.

ETA: No, if you're a current author you don't need to reply to maintain posting privs. There IS a donation box labeled "Beer Monies" in the front, though.

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