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I spent most of this weekend walking around NYC, showing a friend from Wisconsin (née Chicago) around Manhattan. She was mostly interested in some shops in/around SoHo. We originally planned to take a sightseeing cruise early in the afternoon since she had never seen the Statue of Liberty "up close" before even though she's been to NYC a handful of times already- though strangely not to Manhattan. As we got to the ticket window, they announce that it was sold out, we had to wait until the 6pm sunset/city lights cruise. Turns out that was really freakin cool. We all managed to get some really great shots of New Jersey, western Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty at sunset, and then Brooklyn and all of Manhattan lit up once it got dark. One of my qualy cell phone pictures is above- the red/orange of the sunset is somewhat visible on the lower sides of the Financial District buildings.