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Calling upon the Hivemind!! Mp3 Player edition....

I am calling upon the grand io9/observationdeck Hivemind!! You guys so rarely let me down so I'm asking you for a solid.

So I'm looking for a new mp3 player (I don't have a smart phone because of stupid limit money) so here's what I'm looking for:

*Non-Apple. A. I have a windows computer and I don't like how incestuous Apple products tend to be.


*8 GBs or with an expandable memory. My music collection is 9GBs and growing so I would really like something that could hold most of it.

*Creates on the go playlist. I tend to make playlist by throwing a whole bunch of songs in a playlist and taking out what doesn't vibe and when I use my MP3 player, I tend to be on the go so that would be, as the young people would say, the bee's knees.

My budget is about $50 (Once about, limited funds, yo) so if this seems like a lot to ask for, feel free to tell me. I've always seemed to have expensive taste, lol.

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