Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Can Birthweek venom be real?

Welcome to the Wednesday installment of Birthweek 8.0. Birthweek #8, Day #3.

Observation Deck has been an interesting community to follow over time because for a few years it was an open assemblage of people who would comment on and share content adjacent to io9. When the Kinja software was released in early 2013, Observation Deck became a community blog adjacent to io9. Two years later most of the GMG blogs ended the relationship they had with their adjacent community blog, and Observation Deck was released from any and all of its connections with io9. In the present day that’s still our status; we’re still kids whose parents divorced us.

I bring all of this terrifying history up because io9 recently created a fan group on Facebook. The io9 article announcing the creation of this group included commentary from the Gizmodo Media Group employee who moderates the Facebook group wherein he explained why they created a Facebook group rather than creating a Kinja blog:


Today’s topic, if you choose to discuss it:

Is Facebook the best place to have tons of users sharing photos, videos, long posts etc (with each other)?

Alternate question:

Have you joined The Carbonite Freezer?

author’s answers: It’s not bad but I find it hilarious that the GMG’s attitude towards Facebook has shifted from “We don’t like them because they don’t value anonymity” to “Resistance is futile.” I have joined The Carbonite Freezer and I would gladly say hello to any of you in it, if you chose to join.

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