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Can I haz kitteh?

Yes! I can haz kitteh!

Morris is a quick moving, one year old scamp chosen from the large selection of used and nearly new cats at my local RSPCA shelter (the kittens are so adorable, but I do not have time for one). His interests are string, balls, mice and jumping on anything that moves, occasionally he stays still long enough to be caught on camera.


It is not free to adopt a feline from the RSPCA, and they require a home visit and a follow-up, there is even some small print you have to read absolving them of responsibility should your cat turn out to be a living animal with a will and personality of its own, but moggins comes microchipped, neutered and fully vaccinated and that money goes towards helping other animals and bringing prosecutions against those that do not deserve to be able to share their world with wonderful creatures.

I am not certain of Morris's full history, he had been transferred in from another branch with a space shortage, rehomed once but returned after three days due to his exuberance (they did not sound like experienced cat people). He is a little flighty, bitey and somewhat fighty, he has been mine for thirty hours and has yet to settle in properly.

Right now he is stretched out on my lap which makes typing awkward, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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