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Can I Humbly Request a GIF Party?

This here is an asspicious day, to quote a certain infamous supporter of the Union of Allied Planets, an important anniversary. No, I'm not talking about the end of WWI, I'm talking about something important. Me!

25 years ago this day, I showed up. In celebration, my parents gave me some nice stuff. Hulu gave me The Wrong Mans, the local Weather Control Department got permission from higher up at the Federal Weather Control Agency to give me a lovely dusting of snow (I think a first on my birthdays) that was kind enough not to accumulate anywhere that we'd need to break out the shovels yet, and I'm probably going to make my way over to our local geeky bar later tonight for an opaque, green, delicious, highly alcoholic sludge in a pint glass that, has the audacity to call itself a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster (I don't care what anyone tells me. Drink like that belongs in a glass with a stem!). All I'm missing is an outpouring of adulation in GIF-form from the O-deck. We've certainly thrown GIF parties for less around here.


So, whaddaya say guys, GIF party*?


*I'm not saying they have to be Simpsons/Futurama GIFs. I just wanted Homer going "Woop woop woop", and a whole bunch of other spectacular Groening GIFs came along.

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