Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Can someone explain Harley Quinn for me?

Background: I went to a comedy show tonight in a comic book store. It's a monthly event that I enjoy and laugh my proverbial socks off at. Generally the comics pay some lip service the to location and talk about a comic they enjoyed or make an appropriate fandom related joke (i.e. a guy a few months back told my boyfriend that his beard made him look like an Amber Alert issued in the Mines of Moria) but generally they just get up and do their 5 minutes about whatever.

Tonight a comic came up to the mic in character as Harley Quinn and proceeded to tell joke after lame, terribly unfunny joke about fucking Poison Ivy and domestic abuse at the hands of the Joker. Her entire set grated on my nerves but I couldn't decide if it was because I felt like she was over-performing her sexuality or because she was just unfunny and screamingly loud. I don't know a lot about Harley Quinn as a character and just recognize the name/face so I don't know if there's a common 'ship between her and Poison Ivy. Wikipedia was really unhelpful so I turn to the O-deck.


Can someone tell me if Harley Quinn is normally oversexed, obnoxious, and annoying or if this comic was just really bad at what she was trying to do?

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