Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

How's it going so far? I only have two sizable gripes:

  • Post delicacy: So very easy to click on the wrong thing and lose a post. This is my second time round on this, and I also nuked my reply to Dr. Lizardo at least once. The longer it takes to compose, and the more you're flipping back and forth between windows in order to do so, the more chances to lose all your work. Yikes.
  • Horizontal response navigation: Out of sight, out of mind, man. More work, more clicks, less happy serenada. I have only so much clicky energy to go around, and I don't want to have to work to find anything beyond the first two replies, or whatever the number that's even smaller than ten.


  • Inline media: Putting images inline is amAzing. I know it seems like I could be more annoying this way, but instead of a torrent of one-pic replies to a post, they can all be combined into one. Much more sensible, efficient, and intuitive.
  • Tags: Yay! And, man, if I could subscribe to them, so I could know I got all the paleo diet posts, for instance, that would be even more magically delicious.
  • WYSIWYG and HTML composing: best of both worlds. Good that we can use either, but if it were like Tumblr where we could set a default, that would be even betterer.

Minor gripes:

  • Opera's not spellchecking in these posting windows. Ire. Is your browser keeping you looking good?
  • Hard to find cursor. Maybe this is Opera again, but I nuked the first version of this when I was trying to see if I was in the right place to enter tags.
  • As much as I like pictures, damn, some of them are posting big. If I'm working in HTML, I can control that, but it's hardly right up front and centre.


  • Ruthless mentioned a jump cut/spoiler functionality that's since gone bye bye. I'm not sure how to handle spoilers and NSFW in the meanwhile, since the amount of text that's displayed on the main page is not definite.
  • What exactly does the option to publish to Twitter, FB, and Tumblr allow for? I'm authenticated via Twitter right now, but it's not an active account or anything. I don't line up my IO9 identities with any of those, but I guess it could be interesting for those of us that are consistently branded. Still, what would this post look like on each of those platforms?
  • Why can't we underline? I like underlining...

Okay, gonna try scheduling this post, as well as add some tags without blowing everything up. Wish me clipboard backup...see you at 13:18 Pacific, boys and girls.


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