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Can we stop using Autism as an insult please?​

I was diagnosed as Autistic when I was 2 and re-diagnosed when I was 10. I was screwed over by the vaccination scare (I only got my MMR jab once I came of age that I could make an appointment myself and had to do it behind my parents back).

This one of the many reasons why it irritates me to no end when I see and here people using Autism as insult in place of idiot or an unreasonable person. Something I really wish people should stop doing.

One of the reasons why this has happened seems to be that people who liked using retarded as a insult with the same meaning have been called out on their BS and decided to swap out for another mental condition (missing the point on why people disliked retarded being used that way).

Using Autism as an insult is dumb and one of the main reasons is that all your doing is saying that Autistic people are sub human and are incapable of being, "normal". Take this insult post on the recent Don't Forget The Bad Ladies:

"I think she may be autistic. Don't waste your time."

As many (and hopefully most) of you will know, this idea is of course s*** and is really just an outdated myth and stereotype that sadly still gets used constantly in the media. One just has to look at film and TV for examples of hell just look at articles here on Kinja who emphasize anyone who has autism in there articles (especially if it's something negative) because heaven to bids that Autism is not something that defines you or the tragedy or success is any less important without it.


All you do by using Autism as an insult is showing yourself as an idiot and rely on bigoted slurs rather than actually being witty or making a reasonable counter argument. This is doubly bad when you're commenting on serious topics and trying to call out bigots. Here is a comment from an article about cat calling, and who was responding to someone who is being either being incredibly naive or sexist:

"If you can't tell the difference between a genuine friendly greeting and an aggressively-offered attention-getting catcall, you might want to get yourself tested for autism. You're a person who doesn't get basic social cues. Or you're just pretending you don't, which means you're an asshole. Hopefully it's the autism, because that you can work with."


Hey, way to undermine your own argument there.

Finally, one of the saddest things is that you rarely see these type of comments being called out on this idiocy and even worse, you see them being praised. That comment from above, has 12 recommendations. That is reasonably high for a comment. Hell you'll see this in a lot of comments like that.


Why, if most of us understand that these types of comments are wrong and stupid, why don't we not, "say, idiot! WTF!" Why do we call out sexist, racist and homophobic comments but comments that insult people with autism and many other mental conditions is ay OK?

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