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Can we tag users in our posts? That would be neat. Because, Serenada, it might be easier to have our conversation here than on tumblr! ;)  Supernatural spoilers ahead...

There were pointed things I did love about this episode. I found Zeus, himself, to be anticlimactic and Artemis to be a thing not totally needed. But, I LOVED the look of this episode. I kept thinking it reminded me of S1 and S2 looks. The casting was spot on (as always because the SPN casting director is a god.) The concept was appropriately f'd up how I like it.

I'm wondering if I'm having a disconnect because I've had a pretty emotionally draining few days. Maybe I just didn't have enough feels in me today. Though the moment Dean turned around, I did tear up. That was perfection in storytelling there. Just that little movement and shake of his head. 

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