Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Can we talk about just how awesome Burn Notice is this season?

That's more character development in two episodes than the first few seasons.

I love how they're slowly deconstructing Mike. He's this close to actually losing it, and now when he thinks he's lost Fi, he'll have even less of a reason to want to come back from this mission. The glimpse into Michael and Fi's first meeting was lovely and really interesting, and perfect to throw a stark contrast between one deep cover mission and another. His mom's got someone else too, as does Sam. And with that beard he manages to look like the man who carries the whole world on his shoulders. He can't always save the world, and that always brings him down. I can't wait to see them unravel him completely and build him up as a new man.


And I love how tight this makeshift family unit still is. All it takes is one call from Sam to gather the troops. Having a small child to take care of will surely bring some interesting dilemmas in the next few episodes. I get the feeling we're going to start liking Carlos before he meets his inevitable doom.

The mini Heroes reunion is fun! (And hooray for Adrian Pasdar not looking so waxy.) This show's always had great guest stars, and this season is no exception. Jack Coleman is the perfect company man, and I love every scene with him and Michael.

The latest episode (the 100th) was so visually gorgeous! I loved the colour shifts and the soft focus at opportune moments! Jefferey Donovan is pretty damn good at this, too!

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