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Can you pinpoint the day your superpower manifested?

When you get replies to very, very old comments, it can range from weird to nostalgic, but I can honestly say this little 6 year old gem makes me question my own sanity. Or wonder what else I have carelessly said and written in the last 6 years..... It’s not a clearly defined superpower so far....

I don’t remember writing that. I have no idea why I wrote that. He clearly hadn’t stated his intention to do so at that point. I wish I could get back into that state of mind and do some more predictions.


Then again. Maybe not... Cassandra is a shitty idol to aspire to...

Maybe I should donate my brain to that neurologist. I’m not sure if he still wants the Donald’s.

Or maybe I don’t have a superpower and Trump read my comment. Not tha I really believe he reads science blogs, but I’d really hate to be the one having given him the idea........


(Linking to pre-Kinja comments sucks, BTW.)

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