Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Cancer Sucks Part Deux

An update: my aunt has started chemo, only four rounds this time, and things are looking well. Her oncologist said that the cancer isn't as agressive as the last time so her treatment won't be as long or hard on her in terms of side effects. After this she let us know formally, only asking us to get her nice headwear for her so she could look cute after she shaved her head. The great thing is she hasn't had any adverse side effects so she is feeling great. And after the chemo she just needs one round of radiation and surgery to remove her breast to kill the tumor and prevent the cancer from returning.

I am in awe of her mental and emotional fortitude, because while she is going through this she also has to deal with Parkinsons. So far she has been so upbeat and awesome about it, even her daughters are surprised. Now that my family knows that she feels good, no one is freaking out and making this cancer about them. I talked to her, and mostly she just wanted to ask me questions about how fascinating she found the process of cancer. We ended up talking about the science which was fun and weird considering most of my family hates talking about science. All in all things are going well, I also wanted to thank all you guys for being a bunch of amazing people.


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