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Can't believe I haven't told you guys yet

I think I've told just about everyone else. I've been obsessing over it for months now. My little sister was born Friday night.

She's absolutely perfect. I was so worried after hearing what the doctor had told them about the risks when giving birth at my mom's age, and even more freaked out when I did my own search about it. But nope, she's healthy, and my mom is doing great. Well, as great as a person could be doing after being cut open and having a wailing infant pulled out of them.

She's just so adorable and tiny. And loud. Seriously, she's barely 2 days old how is she so loud already?


They're getting released from the hospital this afternoon, and I can't wait till work is over to go see her.

I wonder how long I should wait before starting the brainwashing. I need to start early to counter-act the sheer force of the redneck influence that will be part of her life.

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