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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Capaldi wants David Bowie to guest star on the next season of Doctor Who

According to a recent Radio Times article, that is. And I have absolutely no problem with this.

Bowie does have some history with the program. In 1973, he and his band were recording at Television Centre, and ended up hanging out with the cast filming Planet of the Daleks, leading to speculation that they were playing aliens on the show. There’s also a longstanding rumor that Bowie was originally offered the part of Sharez Jek in Caves of Androzani, but had to turn it down because it would have conflicted with his Serious Moonlight tour. If that’s true, then it’s time we rectified that situation. Immediately. (or at least in early 2016 when the new series stars filming.)


I don’t think it’s even a question about whether or not he should be on the show, (the answer is, “Yes, a thousand times, Yes!” and I will kick all naysayers in “the magic” if they disagree.) Rather, what character should he play if he does decide to guest star?

The obvious choice is another Time Lord. After all, the man has had more faces than The Doctor himself. Unless we find Gallifrey by the end of Series 9, that might be a little difficult, but I’d love to see him appear as young Rassilon... the original founder of Time Lord society, brilliant engineer, and slayer of giant space-vampires, not spitty Timothy Dalton with a glove.


Otherwise, other people on various Doctor Who forums have suggested:

  • The Celestial Toymaker— which I would be okay with, provided they CGI in Michael Gough’s face for a few seconds when he’s explaining who he is.
  • The Doctor’s father— Ehh... I’m not sure about this one. There have been a few mentions outside of the 8th Doctor movie, but the general consensus is that he was a very upstanding and respectable Time Lord (read “uptight asshole”), which I don’t think would suit Bowie as well. Maybe he could be The Doctor’s cool uncle instead.
  • Omega — Sigh.
  • The real Gus— I could sort of see this working, as the dark playful humor mixed with upper-class British refinement is there. But it might be a bit close to The Sovereign character he didn’t play on Venture Bros... only in space... with a monocle. And also, John Sessions was brilliant, and given that he doesn’t get out much these days, I’d feel bad about kicking him to the curb for another celebrity guest star.
  • and David Bowie— As himself. Or as an Alien playing himself. Or possibly you’re never quite sure if he is an alien or not?

What do you think? What role was Bowie born to play? Or just to open things up, what other actors or performers would you dearly love to see on the show?

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