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Captain America: The Winter Soldier -- A Verbosely Non-Spoilery Review


—A Spoiler Line Just in Case You Would Like No Preconceived Impressions Whatsoever—


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

As exciting a military thriller as anything Tom Clancy ever conceived; fight/action sequences that would make John Woo weep with joy; a somewhat simplistic yet very enjoyable political conspiracy flick grounded in all the gravitas that Redford can bring to it; a pointed commentary on the NSA's domestic spying program, the military industrial complex, and all the freedoms we sacrifice for security in the age of terrorism; a moment to meditate on war through the eyes of those suffering with PTSD; Jackson's Nick Fury at his most endearing; ScarJo's Black Widow, dually constructed as a fucking magnificent female BAMF and an intimate confidant to our heroic but deeply lonely Man Out of Time, Mr. Steve "Super Soldier" Rogers, who Chris Evans again plays fantastically.

The first two acts of this movie may be the most layered and nuanced big-budget superhero movie I have ever seen. You put this thing in a time capsule and you have a very interesting look at all the fears and anxieties of a waning United States of America in the early 21st century, as the sins of its past come home to roost and the glittering luster of Reagan's City Upon a Hill is revealed to be of labyrinth of duplicitous lies.

My only complaint, and this is true of most of these type of films, is that the third act, while very exciting, sort of collapses into the standard two-dimensional action climax and also it suffers from the serious underuse of a main character critical to the piece.


Basically, had the ending been a bit stronger it would have probably been my favorite Marvel film to date. It is that good. I think you guys are gonna seriously cream over it.

Also, SPOILER, my main man here was name checked. I cannot wait to see what they do with this one. SO EXCITED!


P.S I am totally shipping Steve and Natasha. Fuck Hawkeye. Fuck that guy.

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