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Captain America vs. The NSA

Hail Spoilers!

I like that. I know Shield always had an ambiguous attitude towards Freedom and civil rights in the comics - it fits the time perfectly to have the greatest American hero defend freedom against the organs of state, even if they apologize it with a Hydra conspiracy.


Now with 100% more Black Widow. Any chance to see more Scarlet is fine for me. Talking about Scarlett - not the widow, but the Witch variation - stay for the post credit sceneS. Mind the plural. (Even though they are - a little underwhelming after the last seconds of Thor.)

So - This guy is a target for Hydra? I guess we will see him one day, then.

There is a Pulp Fiction reference! I don't think anyone in the cinema got that (pay attention on the cemetery), but apparently Nick Fury was just undercover back in the days.......


Without having seen Transcendence, I think Toby Jones makes a much better Lawnmower Man than Johnny Depp! Yes, we Shall Play a Game.


Allison Brie is still not in it...


Why do I mention that? Because Abed is an agent of Shield now. Obviously!


And Stan Lee gets fired.

I really liked this. More than the first CA. The betrayal and double play, making Rogers question his loyalties and become Public Enemy No.1 appeals way more to me than the normal patriotic antics that normally come with the star on the chest. (And I know he stood up to defend freedom against the stat in the comics too. I appreciate the followed that route.)

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