Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Illustration for article titled Captain Canuck returns... with help from Dyson, Vex, Supergirl and Sarah Manning? Happy Canada Day!

Captain Canuck was a character I was familiar with- that is to say, I knew he existed. I had a friend who would buy obscure back issues of things like Captain Britain, which at the time was unknown in US comic book stores and were found at conventions.


Anyway, the short lived Canadian Cap is being resurrected, and I think it is great, since Canada supplies us with so much wonderful Science Fiction. They have tapped into their strategic maple sci-fi reserves and harnessed the talents of Kris Holden-Reid and Paul Amos (Lost Girl), Laura Vandervoort and the one and only Tatiana Maslany.


I love the new design with the nightsticks, and it looks like he won't be shying away from guns(scratch that, they were stun guns). Here are links to the series! They are short, but lots of fun and well worth viewing.

Episode 1: Happy Canada Day

Episode 2: Out Foxed

Episode 3: Turned tables

Episode 4: Rocky Mountain Fly

Episode 5: Throwdown


Happy Canada Day!

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