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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Caption Contest - Voting!

Time to vote for the funniest!

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In no particular order:

"Everything's rolling up Milhouse." - x84jdh

"Here we are. Earth. Full of things as usual." - Chrono

Millhouse: "LOOK, if you want to play the part of the leprechaun you have to go to where the rainbow ENDS!" - MaurltlusMaurltla

"Don't look at me like that, its your subconscious, that means I'm part of YOU!" - Pitchblende

"Not a pot of gold..... Let's abort he search for the end of the rainbow." - FrankNStein

"What? It's laundry day." - Mythbri

"Well, hear no evil anyway." - dawnell

"mmm..Skittles..tasty rainbows..." - Count Velcro

"Kneel before Zod!" - Quasi Hatrack

"Why won't you love me!?" - ncasolowork2

Milhouse: "Are you after me LUCKY CHARMS.....cuz they are magically delicious....(winks)"

Lisa: BARF!!!!!

Homer: YES PLEASE... - DZen

Lisa: "is that a rainbow in your pants or are you happy to see me"

Milhouse: "That's right....I jizz rainbows....GOD...why don't you LOVE ME" - DZen


Vote vote vote!

I'll announce the winner later today.


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