Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Happy Monday, everyone!

Last week I asked for some captions regarding this delightful Doctor Who photo:

Illustration for article titled Caption Results!

And you delivered! Let's take a look:

♪♫ You know William and Patrick and Jon and Tom, Peter and Colin and Sylvester and Paul,

But do you recall? The most famous Timelord of all? ♪♫ - RadioSilence

"Oh deer. We buried Xmas. " - Borg Assimilated Chupacabras

"Rain, dear? No, looks more like snow." - Pitchblende

Good thing it's hotter on the inside." - nctrns

"The planet of Always Christmas!" - a_blackpanther

"Come along, Tomnus!" - Phaelin


Bad Wolf? Where??? - FrankNStein

Seasons change, as does the doctor, for winter has come in the 13th hour. - Ifailedcalculus


Good work, everyone!


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