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Cartoon Network Gets On the Gay Slippery Slope!

Well I kept wondering when it would happen and it did! We got LGBT characters in a kids aimed cartoon!


Clarence recently had two men in a restaurant supposed to kiss on the mouth when meeting up but due to network restrictions, it became kisses on the cheek. However in tonight's episode Jeff Wins we meet the titular characters two moms!


Seen here holding hands, over the course of the episode the fact they are a lesbian couple is simply treated as a simple fact of life. Which is what you would expect someone for a kid who is talking to the parents of a long time friend.

Somehow they managed to get through the entire episode without engaging in some hardcore porn as some seem to fear showing LGBT characters must intail. You can't call this "Forced" when simply changing the genders of one character would have changed nothing at all.


To be perfectly honest, I have never seen Clarence before. And after watching this episode and getting a feel for what the show is like, I will probably never watch another. It really doesn't seem within my tastes. But I am excited about this regardless.

There are kids with gay and lesbian parents out there and this gives them a little bit of acknowledgement. Acknowledging lesbian and gay people exist at all is unfortunately a huge leap for Cartoon Network but it does give me hope. Hope that this will move forward so that LGBT kids can see representation of themselves not just in tertiary characters that we might see sporadically, but in one of the main characters of their favorite shows.


Is this the best representation? Maybe not but it isn't the worst and it is a start.

Hat Tip to lizardwizard for letting me know about this.

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