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I feel like arguing about gay characters in kids media can be kind of circular. Arguments against reading characters in kids media often boil down to

[Insert Big Media Corporation] wouldn't put that in a kids cartoon because that is too risky and controversial still.


Which kind of of ignores the point that somebody is going to finally do it eventually as the fact that LGBT people exist becomes an inescapable fact and pretending otherwise only hurts LGBT people, especially kids. So the recent Clarence episode was a surprising, if small step forward on that front.

Disappointingly they kiss on the cheek instead of on the lips, a common greeting some places so giving the show a "Its not gay!" defense though the scene is obviously playing with common trope of a straight woman getting her hopes at dating a guy only finding out he is gay. According, writer and voice actor for the show, Spencer Rothbell on Twitter the couple were originally supposed to kiss on the mouth. Everything I have seen makes me think it is the legitimate twitter account, feel free to correct me if you can show otherwise.

Of course it often isn't the creators who are against introducing LGBT characters, it is network executives. Still this felt a tiny baby step forward in the scheme of things.

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