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'Casting Needs To Be Better' Says Man Who Took Six Years To Do What His Predecessor Did In One

A new interview with Steven Moffat has revealed that they had offered the role of the twelfth Doctor to a Black actor but that things “didn’t work out”. The interview goes on to reveal that Moffat, whose tenure has been marked by complaints around his lack of diversity when it comes to casting choices, that he wants there to be two non-white leads after he leaves as the show needs to do better and that there should be a Black Doctor ‘one day’.

As per usual the identity of the actor who was offered the role hasn’t been revealed but at the time speculation was rife around a handful of actors including David Harewood, Paterson Joseph, and Idris Elba.


Personally however I can’t help but feel this debate has completely missed a point, which is why are UK shows so obsessed with Black casting in particular and not other minority ethnics, especially when Asian minorities are the second largest group in the UK, making up almost 7% of the population as opposed to the Black population which amounts to just 3% in the 2011 Census?

Personally if I could choose the next Doctor I’d go with Alexander Siddig. Not only is he immensely talented, with years of both serious drama work and soft sci-fi under his belt, but he is the right age and look to play and older, wiser but not Malcolm Tucker angry version of the character, something that we haven’t seen since the classic series.


As per usual however I’ll just be glad to have someone else at the helm of the ship before the current one destroys it completely.

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