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Casts Against Civility

Well, I said awhile back I'd start doing a weekly Android post and while this is Android related this is not the first "official" post for Android.

This one was just too good not to share.

All of us here for the most part are familiar with Cards Against Humanity, well now it's come to Android devices and Chromecast thanks to Casts Against Civility.


From the official Play Store description: Casts Against Civility is a basic clone of Cards Against Humanity, a party game for horrible people. The objective of the game is to respond to a question or statement that has had a certain word or phrase censored by playing one of ten cards in your hand that contains a random word or phrase. The idea is to make the worst combination possible, something that would make your mother disown you.

The game will start when enough players have joined the session - (the game currently requires 2 players to start, but you really need at least 3 players to start having fun. The 'Czar' is chosen, they're assigned to read the black card aloud, and they're the player that will ultimately chooses the best answer after reading all submissions. All other players are given the chance to submit a white card for consideration. After all players have submitted a white card, the czar chooses the best answer and awards the player that played it 1 Awesome Point.

So give it a shot if you're into the game, the app itself is currently in Beta but all reports seem to say it works just fine. (Although some are reporting it as not working on their given devices. Like with all things app and device related, your mileage may vary.)

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