Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Ranty rant rant...

If it's these people's first con competing, WHY ARE THEY COMPETING AS MASTERS??? Is this an editing thing? Is this a producer's thing? Because during episode two you clearly heard the competition levels when they were announcing the awards (Novice, Journeymen, Masters). But these Heroes are clearly competing in the Masters class.

Also, Best in Show isn't something they just throw around willy-nilly. I've watched some of my cosplay friends win Best in Show and I've seen up close how much work really goes into something like this. And there's this Hero, who's second head fell off during presentation going all "Well, yea I was late to judging, and my costume is falling apart, but I should have won Best In Show". No dude, just no. Had you been competing in the right class, you might have won something because you DID put a TON of work into your costume, but this is your first competition.... I'm not hating on the Cosplayer in question, I'm blaming editing.


The other reason I blame editing is because at my last con there was a panel called Villains of Cosplay where we got to talk about all the things from season one, and before the panel even started one of the panelists announced that Victoria is not that big of a bitch to her husband IRL. IT WAS THE EDITING.

If this is a producer thing and they are forcing them all to compete in the same class then: 1) Find Masters and only have Masters. Go to WorldCon, or DragonCon. GO TO THEM THEY EXIST or 2) Allow them to compete in their correct classes so that you can showcase more wins!!! It's like MAGIC.


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