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Caturday - Panthera uncia Edition

I've decided that Caturday is more than just a day of the week - it is a state of mind. A transcendent level of being. Thus, Caturday can never be "late". Caturday happens in its own times - just most often on Saturdays.

This week's Caturday is brought to you by the Snow Leopard, Panthera uncia or Uncia uncia, which is a large species of wildcat that can be found in Central Asia in the alpine and subapline areas (10,990 to 22,000 feet above sea level). Snow leopards are large, but are not considered one of the "Big Cat" species (lion, tiger, leopard and jaguar). However, some male Snow Leopards can weigh up to 170 lbs. Female Snow Leopards are much smaller, weighing an average of 55 lbs. Their average length from their nose to the base of the tail is about 50 inches, but they have large, fluffy tails almost as long as their bodylength. Proportionally, only the Marbled Cat has a longer tail.


Snow Leopards are gray, silver or yellowish/tan in color in order to blend in with the rocky and snowy regions they inhabit. Their eyes are yellow-green or gray in color, which is unusual. Their ears are small and rounded to minimize heat loss, and their paws are large and wide, allowing them a secure foothold in the rocks and ice.

Snow Leopard vocalizations include growling, chuffing, hisses, wailing, and even meowing. Check out this link to see a curious Snow Leopard checking out a camera trap.



And see this link to hear David Attenborough narrate an amazing vertical chase!

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