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Caught Up on New Utopia

If you haven't seen the first two episodes of the new season yet, you may want to think about re-watching the season one finale first. Spoilers ahoy.

Maybe it's the fractured storytelling style or the long hiatus, but I found myself struggling to remember who people were and what happened last season so much I was having trouble digesting the new stuff.


Thoughts like, oh right, Becky exists, and, who is this guy talking to Becky about medicine were common. Before watching the second episode I would have said with 100% certainty that Wilson was dead.

I'm glad he's alive—he's my favorite character, or at least tied with Jessica.

Arby looked so different I had to check whether it was the same actor (it is).


The flashback premiere to the origins of Janus was pretty damn cool—you have to admire the oldschool aspect ratio if nothing else—and the Young Arby stuff was some of the creepiest and most demented shit this show has ever done. But one thing I do remember about this show is its focus on mind-obliterating premieres and then each subsequent episode getting slightly less cool.


Ygritte from Game of Thrones was outstanding as Young Milner.


I'm liking it so far but feel like the magic of the first season is diminished, with little more than a rehash of Mr. Rabbit et al trying to get Janus and all the characters floundering around.

While the first season was so mysterious as to be incomprehensible much of the time, we now know who everybody is and what they're up to (if we can remember it all) and there's no new mysteries ongoing yet.


The photography remains stunning, performances are good and the score, if possible, sounds even better than last season.

With Jessica's escape imminent, hopefully things will kick into high fucked-up gear.


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