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Okay, as I mentioned earlier, I am supposed to decorate a table at the Halloween party, and then I might want to take a dessert or something to the weird food contest, and I bought this book, even though I don't need it.


So I'm just looking at the pictures, and there is this pie, with these little eyes on it. And I know that I'm not going to make a pie for the party, but I decide to read anyway, cause I'm wondering how they make the eyes. Only they just bought the eyes already made, they didn't make them. It says to buy the candy eyes from a cake-decorating store.

Sure, everybody has a cake decorating store just down the street, right?

Well, I'm guessing this time of year Michaels and other craft places might have such a thing, but if they don't this would really suck for someone really wanting to make this sort of thing. Cause to make a holiday dessert you just need flour and sugar and food coloring and...and this specialty item that you need to go to a specialty store to get.

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