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Celebrate May the Fourth with the first full Star Wars Rebels Trailer

It's Star Wars day, and Lucasfilm are celebrating with our first extended look at the upcoming Disney XD Cartoon set to replace Clone Wars later this year. Stormtroopers! Space battles! Explosions! Lightsabers! It's all kicking off.

The visual spectacle of the later seasons of Clone Wars are in full effect in the complete trailer, giving us some gorgeous vista shots and action sequences alongside a brief introduction to the show's titular group of ragtag Rebels - the young Ezra and Jedi-in-hiding Kanan getting the bulk of the attention. There's a lot of cool visual nods to the original trilogy too, with the glimpses of a TIE fighter shootout being shot in a similar style as the battles the first 3 movies (them themselves inspired by footage of World War II aerial dogfights), and the wonderful little touch of the base of Kanan's lightsaber beam ever so slightly flaring out á la Ralph McQuarrie's original concept art.


Star Wars Rebels airs this Autumn on Disney XD, kicking off with an hour-long première.

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