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Channel Zero: Candle Cove 1x01 "You Have To Go Inside" Review & Discussion

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So I just watched the first episode of Syfy’s new horror anthology, Channel Zero: Candle Cove, which is available for free on Amazon Instant Video now. Here are some thoughts.


Spoilers ahead.

I already predisposed to like this show, considering my love of horror and creepypasta and especially the creepypasta on which it’s based. But this show kind of exceeded my expectations. Normally, I don’t like horror films that start with dream sequences, but this one was good, with the show starting off in an old-time TV format and the show slowly peeling away until we realize it’s a dream (I love the image of the cameras operated by mannequins).


And despite the fact that it was a “slow burn” horror show, it went at a much faster pace than I thought it would. The main character, Mike Painter, and the flashbacks to his childhood with his twin brother were all paced out very well and the climax, where we see why they never found his brother’s body and flashbacks were interspersed with current day Mike finding the girl were really well done.

Some things that could be improved: the secondary characters. Mike’s mom was good, but his friends were kind of one-note, especially the sheriff. Also: if you know someone is just out of a psych ward, why would you want them to look at your child?


Also, the final twist that Mike’s breakdown was Candle Cove calling him back by making him carve “COME HOME MIKE” on his arm was kind of eh. Did we really need that? We already knew about the breakdown. I think it might have been better to just leave it ambiguous whether the breakdown was due to his own personal issues or Candle Cove.

All in all, though, this episode was incredibly creepy and unsettling. And we have mysteries enough for the rest of the season: Who is the Tooth Child? What’s going on with that sheriff’s deputy? And who actually killed all the children in the woods back in 1988?


To learn the answers, you have...to go...INSIDE.

So what did you guys think?

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