I don't think that's Daniel Baldwin, though.

It's called Bound (not to be confused with the great lesbian crime flick the pre-Matrix Wachowskis made back in the '90s), so you know it's super-heavy and serious, even though the poster gives off more of a late-period Moonlighting vibe.

The trailer is here. It's kinda NSFW, but mostly just awful. Some weirdly perverse part of me hopes that it'll jumpstart the "erotic thriller" DTV genre back into existence for a post-Blockbuster age. Shannon Whirry's still around, right?

It's unusual for the Asylum guys to venture into non-SF/horror filmmaking. I guess they were kicking themselves over not rushing that Gone Girl ripoff into production (which in my mind is called Lost Lady).

For true horror, there's the "Christian" counter-programming alternative due out Valentine's Day weekend aimed at viewers who aren't into movies about whips and chains... or, really, any kind of movies.