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Charlie Jane came up with one hell of a Game of Thrones theory

Spoilers for the latest Game of Thrones episode and potentially the upcoming season after the jump.

So our dear Charlie Jane wrote a thing for Wired (read it!) about the bizarre end to Arya’s stay in Braavos, particularly about her final confrontation with “Jaqen H’ghar”. Most of us were confused when “Jaqen” congratulated Arya for evidently defeating (and de-facing) the Waif by telling her that “Finally, a girl is no one”, which makes no sense because Arya clearly wants to remain a Stark and wants nothing to do with the Faceless Men anymore.

A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell or “Arya Stark of Winterfell”? Hmmmm.

But what if—as Charlie Jane suggests—Arya is dead and the Waif is wearing her face? The scene takes on a whole new meaning, and “Arya” would indeed be no one. The Waif heading to Westeros as “Arya” would have big implications as well, since she would allow the Faceless Men to actively be involved in Westerosi affairs.

Of course, since Arya is such a popular character, I would expect nothing less than a full-on riot if the theory ended up being true. I personally think the awkwardness of the Arya’s final episodes in Braavos had to do with writers not knowing what to do with the arc, and I don’t think the showrunners would ever risk an almost-guaranteed death threats, but Charlie Jane’s theory makes some sense, and it’s fun to mull over. What do you guys think?

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