Double Fine Productions are no strangers to putting out wacky and neat video games - they are after all behind the likes of the mindbending Psychonauts, the WWI Mech game Iron Brigade, or the upcoming Game of Thrones-ian Strategy game Massive Chalice - but their new game, now in early Alpha, looks like a sci-fi doozy.

SpaceBase (seriously, how good is SpaceBase just to say out loud? Go on try it. SpaceBase. Space. Base. SpaceBase!) is an isometric management sim that charts you with building your very own Deep Space habitat for a fledgling, ever growing group of Colonists. There's life support to maintain, material mining to do, pubs to manage - and occasionally alien invasions to fend off whilst trying to stop your base from falling apart and killing everyone.

SpaceBase is now in the early stages of development, but if you want to try it out straight away you can hop onto Steam Early Access and drop $25/£19 to test it out (or buy directly from Double Fine at several kickstarter-esque tiers of pricing), or perhaps wait a bit for a more complete build. Check out this extensive tutorial video from the game's lead designer, JP LeBreton, to get a taste of it: