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Check out this insane Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Craigslist ad.

I was just browsing the "gigs" section of the San Francisco Craigslist (don't ask), and buried in with a bunch of porn ads is this Brotherhood of Evil Mutants ad, titled "Magneto, MASTER OF MAGNETISM, Has Some Openings on His PR Team! (Asteroid M)."

The post is actually pretty long, but here is a sample of the lunacy:

Our ideal candidate will have AWESOME-level superpowers in communications, networking, social media, energy/thought projection, and SEO analysis. They'll be an admitted words junkie, able to take a huge hit of "apocalyptic reversal of Earth's magnetic fields" and cough up lungfuls of "refreshing relaunch of long-stagnant polarity models!"


And that's just for starters.

We need a visionary who catches every detail. Maybe it's because their precious genegift lets them gaze far into the Magneto-ruled future. Or maybe it's because of the thousands and thousands of detail-oriented eyes scattered over every inch of their body.

We don't know, you tell us!

This position reports directly to the Associate Director of Communications (The Toad.) It requires regular cross-departmental collaboration with, and blind obedience to, the Associate Directors of our marketing, merchandising, and ground assault divisions (all The Toad.) You will take the "lead" (under the unquestioned leadership of The Toad) in building a dynamic multi-platform narrative of mutant empowerment that synergizes with the B.O.E.M.'s wider campaign of revenge and destruction waged against the humans and all those genecoats who dare side with them. You will "own" our organization's press releases, blogs, wall posts, tweets, ransom notes, and any and all threatening missives to the human President and/or that creepy old Professor (Se)X (Offender.)


There's a reply option, and I dunno, kind of want to send in a fake resume as Scarlet Witch or something. I know it's probably just an April Fools' Day joke, but as a huge X-Men nerd, this made me smile.

Read the whole post here: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/wrg/440231…

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