The staff at Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon has introduced their 9-week-old female cheetah cub to her new companion.

This cub, nicknamed “Pancake”, has been hand-raised since her birth on February 28th of this year, since her mother was unable to produce enough milk to feed her.

Cheetahs are easily affected by stress, especially in captivity. A very effective method of reducing a captive cheetah’s stress is to give them a dog best friend, whose presence provides companionship and reassurance in high-stress situations.


Pancake’s companion puppy is a Rhodesian Ridgeback called Dayo, who was also born on February 28th. It looks like he’s already getting along swimmingly with his adopted feline sister.

Dogs help cheetahs in the wild as well as in captivity. People in Africa who depend on their livestock for survival will kill cheetahs and other animals in order to remove a perceived threat to their livelihood. The Cheetah Conservation Fund allows donors to sponsor dogs that guard livestock and keep the cheetahs away, which reduces the numbers of cheetahs killed as pests.


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And there’s video!