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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Illustration for article titled Chester Zoo are naming their new Humboldts after Doctor Who characters

Surely one of them has to be named Frobisher?

To celebrate Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary, Chester Zoo's Keepers have decided to name all of their newborn Humboldt Penguin chicks after Iconic characters from the show. So far, 4 chicks have been born in 2013, named:

  • Doctor (pictured above, being weighed for the first time)
  • Dalek
  • Davros

It's my love of Doctor Who and Penguins combined, into one tiny and cute package! Although, not gonna lie, kinda feel sorry for the cute little Humboldt named after the Whoniverse's most despicable scientist-stroke-Nazi-allegory. Might wanna watch out for that one, just in case he starts designing Penguin-sized Travel machines...


Humboldt Penguins, native to the South Americas, can grow up to 70cm long, and are currently under the protection of the United State's Endangered Species Act - it is thought that roughly only 3,300-12,000 Humboldts are left in the world.

[Chester Zoo on Facebook]

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