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China's High-Res Satellite Gave Us Some Awesome New Images

High-resolution images from a Chinese satellite were released last week, and I must say they are absolutely amazing! China launched the satellite back in April of last year, and it paid dividends for the Chinese government who used the satellite to identify illegal border-crossings and crack down on marijuana farmers.

These satellites are a part of a three year plan in which a total of six satellites will be launched. China launched another high-res imaging satellite last week, Gaofen-2, and according to NASAspaceflight.com, the satellites will be used for a number of different purposes including: disaster prevention and relief, climate change monitoring, geographical mapping, environment and resource surveying, and precision agriculture support.


The images below are truly remarkable. They're in false color so vegetation shows as red, water shows as blue, and dirt shows up as varying shades of gray. I've included a few of them below, but follow the link at the end to view them all.



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