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Choice Sides - Ladies of the Cover Song

Courtney Cox of the cover band The Iron Maidens

One thing that I’m huge fan of is cover songs. People tend to look down on this kind of musical expression because... I don’t really know why other than hearing the tired criticism of “Why play somebody else’s music when you can create your own?” My answer is because somebody else’s music moves another to play it. I mean, playing covers is the ultimate expression of you singing along with a song you love. Or playing air guitar. C’mon, you know you do.

Take The Iron Maidens. They play Iron Maiden’s music with the right attitude and approach.It seems like an easy thing to do though seldom is. And they’re a pleasure to watch.


Another form of the cover is to play a particular instrument along with the song as it’s playing. When you watch these videos the musicians make this look simple. I could do this too. Its like watching an athlete catch a football and run it in for the touchdown. But it only appears that way. And technical precision in playing an instrument is only a part of the effort. You have to have a great feel for the song you’re playing. That’s why I truly appreciate these people.

For this post, I chose musicians who play metal in various sub genres simply because of its complex arragement and action gives the viewer something to watch. Much as I love R.E.M. and Bill Berry was a killer drummer, he had a straight forward take to his playing. So metal it is.

All I ask is that you put aside your any dislike of this kind of music to really appreciate the passion of these musicians. Deal?


This is Meytal Cohen The song she’s drumming is 46 & 2 by the band TooL. The drummer, Danny Carey, is one of those guys that takes it to another level. And Meytal tears his drumming up! As someone who plays drums, I can tell you this song is not easy to play. Without getting into the technical shit, the activity going on within keeping the rhythm is close to impossible to tackle. But she does it like a champ! And she has gone on to form her own band.


Nea Batera kicks ass in her rendition of Slipknot’s Duality. She is more of a feel drum than technically proficient, but that is not a negative in the least. Having a swing, as she literally does while playing, adds to the vibe and energy when playing. People see what you do and feel it through the song and something more than what is audible. And she plays the double bass with shoes on, that is harder than bare feet, as I see it. And she hits the drums hard.


This is a kid playing the guitar, she’s about 15 or 16 at the time of this compilation. Just think about that for a minute... The songs are a sub genre of metal that is predicated by speed in tempo as well as clarity in playing. Her speed is only matched by her precision. At times, her fingers appear to not even be touching the strings. And it bares repeating, she is playing along with the recorded song in real time. You can’t photoshop or cgi this magic, that’s for fucking sure.

One thing I found some time ago was belly dancing to metal. While its not a new thing, it hasn’t been around that long. About 15 years to my knowledge. Its the expression of the music that would never have occurred to me had I not seen it. This is Mahafsoun. She totally gets this music, otherwise she wouldn’t dance to it, I don’t think. Check her out at the 2:26 mark. Completely synced up with the double bass. If she were a goddess, this would cause an earthquake.


Wow. She is something else, let me tell you.

There are so many acts that cover music so well I think I’ll write up another one of these again. And if you know of any, feel free to share.

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