In addition to finally receiving a streaming release date, the hand-drawn sci-fi epic is launching a chatbot game. March is the month of Nova Seed. Strap yourself in, it’s gonna get weird.

Four years and 60,000 drawings in the making, the “Mœbius and Miyazaki” animated film has gone from doing small fry interviews with the likes of me to reaping in the awards, touring the world, and (very soon) streaming in North America. Very soon as in March 28th, multiple platforms, read about all that right here.

What is Nova Seed?

In an age of men and beasts, centuries of war have left much of the world toxic, sick and uninhabitable. Mutants and half-men wander the globe. Civilization has crumbled and the survival of the human race is uncertain.

In an attempt to seize control of the planet, the evil Mad Doctor Mindskull lays plans to acquire the Nova Seed and harness the earth’s very life essence to turn himself into the ultimate weapon.

With nowhere left to turn, a fading humanity places it’s last hopes of defeating Doctor Mindskull in a genetically modified NAC (Neo-Animal Combatant).


The comparisons range from Saturday morning cartoons to Rock & Rule to Heavy Metal to classic anime to Quasi at the Quackadero to Liquid Television to Masters of the Universe. Check out the trailers and compare for yourself:

As for the game, here are some words of praise from the film’s creator, Nick DiLiberto. “Being a gamer myself, the narrative nature of the Massively platform allowed me to easily translate the essence of my film into a playable form. My fears of Nova Seed becoming a download and forget type app were washed away the first time I played it. It was like experiencing the Nova Seed world in a whole different way.” You can find info regarding the platforms on the movie’s website.


Personally, I am geeked to see Nova Seed go so far, can’t wait to stream it myself. Rest of the world, don’t fret. SVOD “across the pond” is in the works, as is a physical release on DVD. Been a long time coming, but looks reads and seems like it was well worth the wait.