Christopher Sebela is a comic book writer, most recently of the indie book We(l)come Back and previously of the highly regarded High Crimes. He also wants to live in a clown motel for one month.

More specifically, the Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada. It is filled with, you guessed it, clowns. Also, it is right next to an old cemetery. Sebela will stay in the Clown Motel for thirty days in October — and yes, there are thirty-one days in October, but for one day, he will be staying in the Mizpah Hotel, the swankiest hotel in Tonopah and also said to be haunted by a woman in red. He will also go see many of the other attractions in Tonopah, which all sound haunted as shit. And then he will write a book detailing his stay there.

As you can probably guess, Christopher Sebela has a death wish. And is also hilarious. His Kickstarter was funded within six hours of it going up. And if you pledge three dollars, he will whisper “Thank you [your name here]” in the cemetery next to the Clown Motel.

You’re welcome.