So Chrome Apps for Android (in Material Design no less) are now officially a thing!

The first such app released a short while ago is called Topeka, which is a simple trivia type game and has a handful of categories.

The game play is simple. Choose a category, read the question, select the answer (or answers), click the round circled checkmark that appears once you've made your choice and see how many points you get.


Nothing fancy I know, but it's Material Design and I love trivia games! The amount of mostly useless trivia I know would astound some people, if I ever cared enough to get onto a game show I could make a killing.

Anyway, check out the app if you're a fan of trivia or just need a new quick little time killer.

And I for one look forward to more Chrome Apps for Android apps hitting the Play Store, in addition to more Material Design styled apps in general.