Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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So, I'm STILL using the beta chromebook CR-48 that I received for free from Google in December of 2010. I mean, seriously, this machine is still kicking (and receiving software updates), but clearly heading to it's demise. It runs a bit slow and the battery doesn't hold the charge very well anymore and physically it has taken a beating. So, I think it is time to actually purchase one. I love this for travel, light work at home while using my desktop as a tv, or light work at the coffee shop because tv is distracting. I in no way need a powerful laptop. (I'm angry, though, because my beta machine is matte black with zero logos on it. I love breaking it out in public because people give me awesome looks. I want my matte black machine forever!)

Anyway, any other chromebook users on OD? I'm thinking about going with the new HP 11 in black. Was just wondering if anyone had any of the other models or if anyone has heard about new machines coming out. I thought there were going to be some new ones around the holidays but initial searches don't turn up anything concrete.


(Don't need suggestions for other machines. I'm definitely getting a chromebook. Just interested in hearing about different models. Google is my overlord and I'm cool with it.)

Here she is in her non-shiny glory the day I got her. I will miss her. *cries*

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