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City or Rural: The Root of Evil?

I had an interesting discussion in my writer’s group this month. What sort of setting is more amiable to covering up corruption and evil? Who had what opinions surprised me.

I tend to write in all four main genres, SF/F/H and Urban Fantasy. I pick a setting that seems to jive with the story that I’m working on. Though I tend to see that my SF is more urban and my fantasy can be more in a rural setting. My mates tend towards urban SF. The sole exception was when one of them was trying to do a fantasy satire. His nose tends to drift skyward at the name of Tolkein.


I’ve always thought that the city, with its teeming masses, was a setting where nameless people can vanish without much of an eyeblink as the wheels of slow bureaucracy eventually ignore anything that might take effort to solve.

My mates, who have city born and raised see it differently. They fear the almost lordly way a sheriff or lone politician could put an entire small community under their thumb as rural poverty and family ties forces people with turn a blind eye to keep the peace if they can’t afford to move away. There’s also the set up where the whole town is in on it.

So dark alley or dark gravel road, which one wants you to lock your windows wait until morning if your cell phone is busted?

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